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We believe in meaningful work. It is meaningful work to deliver new technology that will empower people to donate directly to organizations that support causes close to their hearts.

Giving back to our community in a meaningful way through the use of technology is a dream come true for the team at We use technology to improve the lives of our fellow man instead of ransomware, viruses or cyber-attacks. Our focus is to help others use technology in a way to truly make a difference in the lives of those whom they serve.

About us

Steven is a subsidiary of Leale Solutions.

Motivation Behind

Going above and beyond has always been a trait that both Steve and Dan believe in. Doing the “right” thing, hard work, overcoming hardship, and working toward goals all support the “going above and beyond” lifestyle. This was evident from their first meeting and still is today. Dan and Steve have worked side by side for more than 14 years. They started Leale Solutions together in 2007. They have ridden the ups and downs of entrepreneurship by utilizing the principals described above. This has enabled them to grow their business and grow as people and entrepreneurs.

They had achieved a measured level of success but something was still missing. They longed to make a measurable difference. They wanted to make a larger impact on the “real world”. They pondered the question… “Where do we spend our precious energy?” “Somewhere and something meaningful” they answered. How can they make their work meaningful for more than just themselves and their team members? Their answer: Find a cause to help and support.

But they have many causes near and dear to their hearts. Ocean conservancy, fighting cancer, youth sponsorship and development are just a few of the causes that made the top of the list. But truthfully, they didn’t have a cause of their own.

And then the answer became clear through one question. What could be better than helping a single cause? The answer is simple: Helping as many as possible. A strategic plan was developed to use technology to change the world! How do they plan to change the world? One mobile app at a time. They offer mobile app technology and support for your cause at no charge. Given their experience in technology, this was a natural segue. Why try to help one person at a time when they can help groups of people simultaneously?

This has been their mission, to help as many needy causes as possible. It began with their first mobile app; and then another. Until now, where they have built a platform that allows users of any cause to create their own mobile apps in minutes. The apps provide the ability to accept donations instantly via electronic money transfer.

Now that is a “change the world” kind of solution and a cause that is all their own. Join them! Do it today. Don’t wait. Spend your precious energy helping them and helping others.

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