What you get & How we help

Our goal is to expand the number of people you can reach and give them access to help you by donating money in the way that people use money today.

What you get

  1. Free native mobile apps for Apple iOS and Google Android which you can customize for your cause. These will allow you to receive donations from your friends anytime, anywhere, 24/7. We make it easy for anyone to support your cause digitally.
  2. Free ability to test your fundraising app in minutes.
  3. Exposure of your cause through the apps on the Apple App and Google Play Stores.

The money goes from the donor directly to you. The money never hits our account. Donations are transferred directly to an account of your choosing. We do not hold funds nor customer information.
Our part in this tale is to facilitate the delivery of funds from donors directly to you.

Still on the fence? Here's some more reasons :)

  1. It is FAST! Our 11 step wizard takes less than 20 minutes. Get an app as fast as a coffee run.
  2. As fellow philanthropists, we understand your motivation. We can be a mobile technology friend.
  3. Provide your donors a secure and safe method of supporting your cause.
  4. Reach new donors in the palm of their hands.
  5. Cash and checks are old hat. Reach users in the palm of their hands with technology.
  6. Jump into mobile! We can be your parachute.
  7. Create a charity app that will keep pace with the way people spend money today.
  8. No coding or mobile app experience needed.

Build your fundraising web, mobile app

Use technology to deliver compassion for causes that positively impact our shared world

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