How It Works

SupportForYourCause personalized fundraising mobile apps are “where it’s at” for non profit groups, charities, individuals and small businesses that want to gain a stream of donations and gifts from mobile app users.

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Step 1

Complete the wizard and generate your app

Use our step by step wizard to personalize your own native mobile apps for smart phones. Get your app right away. Takes about 20 minutes all the way through.

Generate your app

Publish your app

Step 2

Publish your app

Take your app and get it distributed through the Apple app and Google Play stores. Our award winning tech support will guide you every step.

Step 3

Accept donations 24/7

Let the apps do the work for you. Enjoy reaching the hearts of your patrons in the palm of their hands.

Accept donations 24/7

What we offer

  • Keep every donation you receive
  • Free, customized iOS app for iPhone and iPad
  • Free, customized android app for Android phones and tablets
  • A web app to allow donations via the internet
  • Free tech support
  • Ability to monitor fundraising campaigns

Easy to use

Our easy to use wizard will guide you and our award winning tech support will save the day in any tight spot.

All data on web and mobile is secured

Safe and secure

All data on web and mobile is secured with the highest levels of SSL security and encryption possible.

Access fundraising dollars on your terms

Fast access to funds

We have partnered with Stripe, allowing you to access fundraising dollars on your terms.