Pricing and Fees

What we offer

It is free to create your native mobile apps in our wizard. We ask that you pay for monthly hosting and allow us to share in your success, as outlined below.

  • Keep every donation you receive
  • Free, customized iOS app for iPhone and iPad
  • Free, customized android app for Android phones and tablets
  • A web app to allow donations via the internet
  • Free tech support
  • Ability to monitor fundraising campaigns

Charity Fundraising Campaigns

Raise money that goes directly to your organization

App Hosting

$30 per month

No adds, free support, no gimmicks


SupportForYourCause Platform


(That is 1% less than everyone else!)


Payment Processing via Stripe


+ $0.30 per donation




+ $0.30 per donation, $30 per month

To participate, we require $30 per month for server hosting and 6.9% of proceeds made through your apps.

Why should you get started now?

There are 3 ways to grow online fundraising. These are to find more donors, increase the average donation amount, and get donors to donate more frequently. can help in all of these areas with these features

  • Reach a new and larger audience with smartphones
  • Accept donations 24/7
  • Never limit yourself to cash again
  • Electronic donations and gifts are 3x larger than cash on average
  • We support recurring “monthly” gifts from your donors. Set it and forget it
  • Allow your donors to share your story and generosity on social media

Easy to use

Our easy to use wizard will guide you and our award winning tech support will save the day in any tight spot.

All data on web and mobile is secured

Safe and secure

All data on web and mobile is secured with the highest levels of SSL security and encryption possible.

Access fundraising dollars on your terms

Fast access to funds

We have partnered with Stripe, allowing you to access fundraising dollars on your terms.