App Deployment Steps

As outlined in our technical specifications page, the most important step is to get your apps to the app stores! There are a few steps in this process that require your attention and efforts. We have taken every step possible to automate the process of getting your apps to your donors. We will always strive to do better. As new technologies emerge, we will improve in this area too. However, for the time being, getting your apps into your favorite app store(s) is not a process that we can automate. And we need your help to get this done.

App store submission and having your apps available in the app stores is the most important step in our journey together. This ensures that your donors can download, install and ultimately use your trusted apps. As seen during the wizard, there are steps that can be taken to allow users to test the apps in demo mode but this is not a recipe for app success.

The measure for your apps’ success will be the number of donors which you can put your message “in the palm of their hands”. Maximum distribution via the app stores is the best way to ensure your donors have electronic mobile access to donate to your fundraising charity or cause.

Below is an outline of the steps required to establish the relationships with the app stores and get your apps published for mass distribution.


For apple (iOS) you’ll first need to create or use and existing AppleID. If you have an iphone or ipad, you have an apple ID already. You may want to create a new one for your corporate entity. You’ll then need to join/enroll in the ‘Apple Developer Community’. This is where you’ll purchase your license to publish apps (for $99/yr). We recommend you setup the enrollment for a business (instead of developer). This will give you more options to provide access to others in or outside your company with appropriate permissions. Finally, you’ll have to use your apple Id to access and configure iTunesConnect. This is the web portal you’ll use to manage your apps and user role management.

Tutorial: Getting Apple ID and Enrolling in ‘Apple Developer Community’

Tutorial: Setting Up iTunesConnect

Then hit the “Submit for review” button!



Google Play is much more straightforward. The following link provides a good overview of the process, from getting your google developer account, to setting up your apps. The developer account (required to publish apps) is $25/yr. We suggest you configure the license under your business (instead of developer). The ‘Developer Console’ is comparable to Apple’s ‘iTunesConnect’, used to manage your app configurations.

Tutorial of Google Play developer console account

How to publish an Android App on Google Play

The above steps will be required for successful app deployment on both platforms. I understand that this may seem overwhelming at first but have no fear. A member of our staff will reach out to set up appointments to help get your apps published. We will be with you every step of the way.

We will guide you through creating your own mobile apps to accept donations to support
your cause for free. If you believe as we do, follow your heart, click below to start: