e are giving away mobile apps!

We will guide you through creating your own mobile apps to accept donations to support your cause for free. If you believe as we do, follow your heart, click below to start:

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Receive donations anytime, anywhere 24/7

Actually, you'll be set up in just a minute, it's that simple.

Free Apps!

The native apps are free. Support is free. We just ask for a small portion of proceeds donated and about $1 per day for hosting.

Easy peezy lemon squeezy

Our wizard will guide you through the process of customizing your own Apple and Google android apps.

No Ads EVER!

We do not employ gimmicks to get your business. We will never dilute the messages to your donors and patrons. There is no “bait and switch” and NO ADS EVER!!!

No risk

No obligation, cancel anytime and the app is still yours to keep.

You certainly can

No coding or mobile app experience needed.

Use technology to deliver compassion for causes that positively impact our shared world

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